Good Samaritan robbed

By Fungai Jachi

A Good Samaritan allegedly lost cash and valuables to suspected robbers after offering them transport from Chitungwiza to Harare.

The suspect, Jeffery Tapera appeared in court facing charges of robbery after allegedly pouncing on a man who had offered him transport.

It is alleged that on an unspecified date, the accused and his alleged accomplices who are still at large were offered transport from Chitungwiza to Machipisa in Harare, but along the way, the accused, who was sitting behind the complainant, grabbed him by the neck, while one of his accomplices took control of the car and parked it by the road side.

Further allegations are that the complainant was brutally assaulted before he was robbed of cash and valuables.

It is the State’s case that they then left the complainant by the road side and dumped his car a few kilometres away after leaving the complainant lying unconscious.

The accused was remanded in custody.