Gomba’s abduction claims ‘false’

By Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

The Zimbabwe Republic Police says there is no credible evidence to prove that Citizens Coalition for Change executive member, Herbert Gomba was abducted.

This comes at a time when political analysts have urged Zimbabweans not be hoodwinked by opposition political parties who are known for faking abductions to discredit the Second Republic.

Social media was awash with claims that Gomba had been abducted, only for him to surrender to the police in the company of his lawyer.

Zimbabwe Republic Police national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi says Gomba is facing charges of perjury and violation of the Electoral Act.

“Gomba surrendered himself to the police in the company of his lawyer Harrison Nkomo and is in custody. From our investigations, there is no credible evidence of him having been abducted,” he said.

Political analysts Takudzwa Gambiza and Batsie Mangongo concur that there is nothing peculiar about the drama around Gomba’s false abduction claims as it is his political party’s modus operandi.

“This has been the opposition political party’s way of doing things. They want to attract the attention of the international community only to reverse the gains made by the Second Republic. The police must decisively deal with such malcontents,” they said.

Another political analyst and researcher, Gibson Nyikadzino noted that the theatrics are a moral indictment on Mr Gomba’s leadership qualities.

“This is a moral indictment on the leadership qualities of Mr. Gomba. What is unfolding is a trail of inconsistences in his leader as a CCC candidate whose party is orchestrating an agenda to besmirch Zimbabwe. His story has loopholes from abduction claims to his reappearance,” he said.

While some western sponsored organisations fed into the drama and stated it as fact, none of the organisations has come forward to apologise to the people of Zimbabwe for vilifying state institutions.

Gomba is expected to appear in court this Wednesday.