GMB puts measures to stop side marketing

By John Nhandara

THE Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has invoked the law to punish individuals who are involved in the side marketing of grain.

This comes amid low deliveries of grain at various GMB depots since the start of the marketing season last month, prompting government to operationalise provisions of statutory instrument 145 of 2019, to prevent side marketing of grain.

The Grain Marketing Board has since indicated that they will be conducting grain busting operations at non-GMB depots and setting out inspection road blocks.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development this Sunday, 30 000 metric tonnes of grain have been harvested since the onset of the marketing season began on the first of last month, with the GMB only receiving about 5 000 metric tonnes.

Apart from side marketing there are several factors attributed to the slow deliveries given that the summer cropping season was characterised by erratic and late rains, hence some farmers are still harvesting and drying their grains.

More deliveries are expected as the season progresses given that the GMB is now paying 30 percent of the producer price in United States dollars, which farmers have taken as a positive development.