Ginimbi appeals against denial of bail

By ZBC Reporter
FLAMBOYANT businessman and socialite, Genius Kadungure, better known as Ginimbi has filed an appeal at the High Court challenging the magistrate court’s ruling for denying him bail last Friday.
The Acting Chief Magistrate Crispen James Mberewere denied the flamboyant businessman bail saying he had the propensity to commit more crimes since he committed the offence while on bail over similar allegations.
Kadungure has refused to accept the ruling by filing an appeal at the High Court highlighting that by denying him bail the court has disregarded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty which is engraved in the constitution.
“In doing so, the court a quo disregarded the presumption of innocence so jealously guarded by Section 70 (1)(d) of the Constitution. This disregard amounts to a serious misdirection when regard is to be had to the court a quo’s earlier finding that he was not a flight risk,” read part of his submissions.
Kadungure is facing fraud charges and ZIMRA is the complainant. According to the State, Kadungure bought a Bentley for $3 281 784, but allegedly lied that the vehicle was worth $1 million.
He is accused of undervaluing his newly imported Bentley motor vehicle which saw him paying less duty to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).