Ghanaian Youtuber Wode Maya interacts with local journalists

By John Nhandara

A social media skills and capacity building workshop for digital content producers was hosted this Saturday by the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services with popular Ghananian Youtuber, Wode Maya in attendance. 

The forum centred on the role of social media in pushing the development narrative of African nations.

“Social media is now at the centre of social building. Of late, we have witnessed the convergence of social media and mainstream media. As such, social media has become key in making interactions, therefore we need to harness the platforms in national building,” said Mr Jonathan Gandari, Chief Director Government Programmes and Messaging in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

Mr Jonathan Gandari

The interaction is also a precursor to the International Communication Cyber Conference that Zimbabwe is set to host.

“The idea of this interaction is to create ideas around an international cyber conference that we want to host such that our narrative is occupied globally,” noted Director International Communication in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr Richard Mahomva.

Mr Richard Mahomva

Wode Maya, whose real name is Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, has more than one million followers on YouTube.

He said social media content creators must be brand ambassadors of their countries by disseminating socio-economic development-oriented content.

“We need to project our countries in a positive manner to attract investment to our countries. The image of Africa has been distorted. As Africans, we need to be ambassadors of our own countries. If you are living in Zimbabwe start talking something positive about your country.”

Social media has penetrated the media space and many now rely on the different social media platforms for information.