Gemma shortlisted for the MTV Africa Music Awards

By Loren Dondo

Zimbabwean musician, Gemma Griffiths, has been shortlisted to represent the country in the ‘Listener’s Choice’ category at the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards.

The artist made the announcement in an Instagram post where she excitedly encouraged her fans, who are affectionately labelled “Gemma Nation,” to vote for her.

Gemma came to be known in Zimbabwean mainstream after she did a soulful, Shona and English interpretation of Winky D’s hit song Musarova Bigman in 2016.

In 2019, Griffiths featured of highly successful Winky D song MuGarden.

She has since hit the Zimbabwean charts with her latest singles including “Titungamire” and “Ndinewe.”

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