GBV activists step up awareness

The increase in Gender Based Violence(GBV) cases during previous national lockdowns has seen gender equality activists stepping up GBV awareness campaigns to fight the vice following the recent tightening of the lockdown.
The tightening of lockdown restrictions has been described as a necessary move to curb the spread of Covid-19 and save lives.
Activist groups have taken the initiative to use various social media platforms to raise awareness on GBV to ensure cases of abuse do not surge during the lockdown period as was witnessed during the previous lockdown.
Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust National Coordinator, Jonathan Chikasha and religious commentator, Pastor Lee Fore concurred that government’s move to impose another national lockdown is commendable but not an opportunity for people to engage in GBV.
“We are using our social media platforms to raise awareness on GBV because we understand that during this time cases of GBV are mostly to rise but what people should understand is that the lockdown is necessary and we have to work together to prevent further spread of the disease by staying harmoniously at home.”
“We want to appreciate the government for introducing another lockdown especially now that cases are on the rise. However, it appears lockdowns are a test of marriages considering the soring cases of GBV. Let the lockdown set a standard to restore perfect love peace and joy in every marriage.”
Government imposed level four lockdown following the sharp increase in Covid 19 infections.
Adherence to the lockdown regulations remains key in curbing further spread of the virus.

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