Fruit and vegetable prices go down

By Colette Musanyera

MBARE Musika remains the major trading market for fruits and vegetables in Harare, with prices of most fruits and vegetables going down owing to a rise in their supply.

A snap survey by the ZBC News at Mbare Musika this Friday revealed that the price of cabbages has gone down from US$0.70 ahead to US$0.50 a head, while tomatoes are pegged between US$7 and US$12 dollars a box from US$15.

The availability of king onions has also improved, resulting in prices going down, with a bundle of 20 costing US$1, while a pocket is going for US$8.
Potatoes are ranging between US$4 and eight US$8 a pocket.

The decrease in prices is being attributed to improved supplies.

However, vegetables like baby marrow are in short supply, owing to cold weather and fruits like watermelons have also become scarce since they thrive in warm weather.