Frontline Workers: Unsung Covid-19 Heroes

By ZBC Reporter

HEROES and heroines are admired for their courage, selfless sacrifice and risking their own lives to save others.

As the nation celebrates its heroes, we cast the spotlight on frontline health care workers who continue to play a pivotal role that many might take for granted.

Zimbabwe Heroes’ Day which is celebrated annually in the month of August is set aside to honour the gallant sons and daughters of the soil, some of whom lost their lives in the struggle for independence from white colonial rule.

In the same vein, other heroes have also emerged in various sectors and this year the spotlight is on frontline healthcare workers who are battling day and night, putting their lives at risk to liberate the people from the shackles of COVID-19.

Speaking to ZBC News Health Expert Dr Solwayo Ngwenya said Frontline workers should get the appreciation they deserve as they brave the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Frontline workers present a different idea of heroism in this difficult time as the world battles with COVID-19. We take the profession as a sacrifice. Despite the fear we still report for duty. We do not even stop to think about what might befall us while executing our duties,” he said.

The said pandemic has brought everything to a halt, but the frontline workers still soldier on, due to their commitment to saving lives with some of them having been infected while on duty.

Mpilo Principal Nursing Officer, Phineas Sithole spoke on the risks taken daily by doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who treat COVID-19 patients which have been greatly illustrated by the growing number of local transmissions in the country.

“We are going through a difficult time. People have not really understood the magnitude of the disease and the risks we take every day,” he said.

Nurses say a little appreciation from members of the public would suffice.

“Nursing is a calling. We go through a lot of stigma in the community. Instead of standing or showing some kind of solidarity to appreciate our work and commitment to serve the nation during this trying time people in the community discriminate against nurses.  They believe we are the careers of COVID-19 because we are in the frontline, “said a health care worker.

Despite working under the threat of personal risk, frontline health care workers continue to be the cornerstone of the national health system.

They continue providing skilled and compassionate care to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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