Fresh delimitation process ahead of 2023 elections-ZEC

By ZBC Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says there is need for a fresh delimitation process ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections as some communities have been displaced by urban expansion.

Presenting a lecture at the Zimbabwe Defence University, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba expressed optimism that the delimitation exercise will be completed ahead of 2023 elections.

Fresh delimitation is needed considering that some communities were displaced by natural disasters while expansion of some cities have led to the need for a fresh delimitation process. We have seen that Mt Pleasant Heights is recorded under Mazowe District while some settlements in Bulawayo are now in Matabeleland North province. We are expecting that the delimitation process will be complete before 2023 harmonised elections,she said.

Chigumba also noted that 60 percent of registered voters reside in rural areas hence their participation in voter education is limited owing to technological deficiencies.

Average registered voters in Zimbabwe reside in rural areas and have no money to buy bundles for social media while a number are not on social media, those in urban areas use other platforms. With 60% of registered voters are in rural areas, we find that as a challenge as technology doesn’t work in our favour,added Chigumba.

Failure by citizens to register death of their relatives with the registrar general’s office, lack of funding for voter education and supportive legislation in the registration of political parties were some of the issues that were highlighted during her presentation.

We have a problem where registered voters remain on the voter’s roll despite their death as noone woould have bothered registering that death with the registrar’s office for the deceased to be removed from the voters roll. This scenario has created ‘ghost voters’. Some SADC countries have powers to take action under the Electoral Act, we dont have a role beyond administration of elections,” she said.

It is a Constitutional requirement for the country to hold elections after every 5 years.

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