Freedom fighters(20) reburied

20 freedom fighters reburied

By Kenias Chivuzhe

TWENTY freedom fighters who died during the liberation struggle have been reburied at Mutumba Six Shrine in Mutasa, bringing relief to the families who had spent more than four decades without finding closure.

Families of the 20 freedom fighters who died during the liberation struggle have found closure after the exhumation and reburial of the heroes and heroines at Matumba Six Shrine in Mutasa district this Monday.

Family members, who attended the reburial ceremony, expressed relief after more than four decades of searching for their loved ones.

“My brother Solomon joined the liberation struggle in 1974 together with his friend who is here with us. After the end of the war, we were looking forward him to coming back. Some said our brother died in Mozambique.

“My mother before her death prayed that her two sons return home while she was alive but that did not happen. We are happy that we have now buried him at a place we all know. They were seven in one grave before being exhumed,” said family members of the reburied comrades.

“I have come to bury my daughter Laina Funa. A lot of years have elapsed since we last saw her. I am happy that we have reburied her here.
Unlike other families, the Nyakarize family of Nyanga was convinced that the 1977 attack at Samakande Base claimed the life of one of their own.”

However, staying for more than four decades without locating the remains of their relative was a difficult period until the identification and reburial process.

“The attack at Samakande base in Nyanga in 1977 resulted in the death of my sister. We didn’t know where she was buried. We are happy that we have identified Magi’s remains and buried her here.”

Mutasa South legislator Misheck Mugadza speaks on the importance of the ongoing exercise.

“We are burying freedom fighters who died during the liberation struggle with honor and dignity. We want the program to continue as many more are still to be exhumed and reburied.

Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Honourable Nokuthula Matsikenyere reiterated the government’s commitment to the exercise, imploring locals to play a part in the identification process.

“The villagers are the repository of information on where the freedom fighters who died during the struggle are. The government aims to continue with exhumation and reburial processes.

“There is a need for those with information to continue giving information on the sites that need to be exhumed for re-burial to fulfill the agreement on decent burials made during the liberation struggle.

“There are over 300 heroes buried at this shrine. We want to thank the president for giving heroes status to the people being buried here,” she said.

Many sons and daughters of the soil fought for the liberation of the country and others did not return home, hence the ongoing reburials after the identification processes.