France to close all schools due to coronavirus fears

FRANCE will close all of its schools from Monday amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Emmanuel Macron announced the decision to shut down education facilities this evening.
The French president described it as “one of the most serious health crises France has ever faced”.
He also urged employers to let staff work from home and said that the elderly and people with health conditions should stay indoors.
He said, however, that municipal elections scheduled for this weekend should go ahead.
It comes after the UK moved to a delay phase in a bid to stem the outbreak, with Boris Johnson issuing stark warnings to the UK public.
So far, France has recorded 2,281 confirmed coronavirus infections and 48 deaths, but the numbers are rising rapidly and a comparison of the data suggests the country is following the same trajectory as Italy with an eight-day delay. Italy has had more than 12,000 cases and 827 deaths.