Former Zim cricket captain Taylor faces ICC ban over match-fixing

FORMER Zimbabwe National Cricket team Captain, Brendan Taylor faces a lengthy ban from Cricket after disclosing that he allegedly delayed reporting a case of match fixing in which he was approached by an Indian businessman.

According to his official statement on twitter, Taylor met with the businessman in October 2019 after he was asked to discuss sponsorships and the potential launch of a T20 competition in Zimbabwe.

The former Chevrons Captain claims that he was blackmailed with a video in which he was captured on camera taking cocaine before getting US$15 000 as advance payment for spot fixing.

“In late October 2019, I was approached by an Indian businessman requesting that I attend India to discuss sponsorships and the potential launch of a T20 competition in Zimbabwe and was advised that I would be paid USD$15 000 to make the journey.

“I can’t deny I was a little wary. But the timing was such that we hadn’t been paid for 6 months by Zimbabwe cricket and it was questionable whether Zimbabwe would be able to continue playing in the international arena. So, I made the journey. The discussions took place, as he had said, and on our last night in the hotel, the businessman and his colleagues took me for a celebratory dinner,” Taylor said.

He further explained: “We had drinks and during the course of the evening they openly offered me cocaine, which they themselves engaged in, and I foolishly took the bait. I’ve gone over it a million times since and still feel sick to my stomach reliving that night and how they played me.”

It however took him four months to report the matter to the ICC, with Taylor claiming that he wanted to protect his family.