Judgement reserved in former police boss case

By Peter Chivhima

The High Court has reserved judgement in the case in which former Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri is challenging an order to forfeit his property and explain the source of his wealth.

This comes after Chihuri in his last court appearance through his defence counsel led by Advocate Addington Chinake, filed an application challenging the order which compels him to explain the source of his wealth.

Chihuri also argued against surrendering his properties on the basis that it is unconstitutional.

The former police chief submitted that he is too rich to steal from the government, claiming he amassed his wealth through farming.

Chihuri also submitted that his matter be referred to the Constitutional Court and this Tuesday the State argued that there was no need for him to approach the apex court but should simply explain how he acquired his wealth.

However, Justice Kwenda reserved judgement.

Allegations are that during his 25-year tenure at the apex of the police force, Chihuri side-tracked more than US$32 million of public funds for his benefit.

He is also accused of selling property that was frozen by the State after it was placed under the Asset Management Unit.

The properties allegedly sold include a mansion in Gletwyn valued at 130 thousand United States dollars.