Former British minister claims she was sacked for being a Muslim

A Muslim former British minister, MP Nusrat Ghani has claimed that she was sacked from cabinet in 2020 because of her faith.

According to the Sunday Times, Tory Nusrat Ghani says when she asked for an explanation it was stated her “Muslimness was raised as an issue”.

Conservative Chief Whip Mark Spencer said Ghani was referring to him and added her claims were completely false and he considered them defamatory.

Cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi has said the allegation should be investigated.

Ms Ghani was appointed to a post at the Department for Transport in 2018 but lost that job in a mini-reshuffle of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government in February 2020.

According to the Sunday Times Ghani says when she asked for an explanation a government whip said her “Muslimness was raised as an issue” during discussions about the reshuffle and her status as a “Muslim woman… was making colleagues uncomfortable”.