Footballers suffer as clubs fail to honour contractual agreements

By Anashe Murombedzi

THE Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ) has come to the rescue of players who are being shortchanged by clubs in the wake of revelations that most teams are failing to honour contractual agreements.

The recent case where three Caps United players were dismissed for protesting against non-payment of their dues has attracted the attention of a number of stakeholders including the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ).

It has emerged that some clubs are allegedly victimising players for allegedly asking for their dues based on what has been agreed in their contracts.

“Clubs are facing financial challenges and it becomes a challenge of telling the players the situation within the club as players go on signing contracts with signing fees, allowances and winning bonuses that are high and when the dates to pay up comes they fail to meet them which culminates to players boycotting and not going to training because they feel offended and violated. We need honesty in our industry and the employers and players should respect a contract because its a two way relationship,” said Desmond Maringwa FUZ president.

FUZ is already working on standard contracts that should be respected by the clubs and the players.

“There is a way that has to be dealt with in our football structures which is to respect the contracts within the industry. We have standard contracts that stipulate disciplinary procedures, if a player or club violate the contract and fail to meet their responsibilities there are regulations of the national associations, the Labour and FIFA which are there to guide clubs to deal with these disputes in a professional manner and we don’t have to raise emotions,” he added.

The agreed position though is that players should be represented by qualified personnel who understand contractual issues to ensure that disputes are handled in a professional manner