Football contracts stalemate

By ZBC Reporter

SPORTS law and labour experts have called on football clubs to respect players’ contracts, saying contracts cannot be rolled over.

The Premier Soccer League Board of Governors recently announced that players’ contracts will be rolled over after domestic football was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic last season.

However, Labour Consultant Eliah Zvimba explained to ZBC News FIFA regulations binding the issue of contracts.

There is no such thing as contract rollover in football, the FIFA regulations are clear and people misinterpreted the FIFA recommendations for law, in Zimbabwe we use a standard contract that is signed by the player and clubs, PSL, FUZ and ZIFA have a copy of this contract and its clear in the start and end date and the terms of engagement, once that contract is over it’s upon the parties to negotiate a new one, it doesn’t matter it’s out of tragedy or unforeseen circumstances, the contract is over, he explained.

 Football expert Desmond Maringwa also warned clubs against holding onto players with expired contracts.

It is a violation of the law for clubs to hold onto players who have contracts that have expired, we also hear the issue of compensation that does not stop the player from moving, if you have a grievance with the player you register it to the relevant authority but you do not stop the player from moving, the FIFA regulations are clear in that, the player with contracts that have lapsed are free agents, he noted.

Calls continue to grow for the establishment of a Dispute Resolution Chamber that is more capacitated than the current player status committee.

Others believe the sports industry should also take advantage of the National Employment Council for Sports, Arts and Allied industries in professionalising and regulating Labour issues in sport.

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