Food security headlines G33 meeting

By ZBC Reporter

Food insecurity worsened by natural disasters, droughts, climate change, and high food prices has affected the economic growth of Developing and Least Developed countries across the globe.

This emerged during the ongoing G33 meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

Presenting Zimbabwe’s statement at the ongoing World Trade Organisation 12th Ministerial Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland during a Group 33 Meeting this Sunday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Frederick Shava spoke on the challenges that many developing and least developed countries are facing. 

“The global world is still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic which has had a devastating impact on economies especially those of developing countries and LDCs. Food insecurity exacerbated by natural disasters droughts, climate change and high food prices has affected our economies greatly. This therefore needs our urgent attention in pushing for a positive and meaningful outcome of this ministerial conference. Mr Chairman, agriculture plays a pivotal role in most of our economies and lack of progress in the agriculture negotiations as mandated by the Bali and Nairobi conferences is an issue of concern to all of us,” noted Dr Shava.

The Zimbabwean government is making significant strides in ensuring that its people are food secure by resuscitating irrigation schemes in all provinces.

The G33 is a coalition of developing countries and least developed countries coordinating negotiations on agricultural issues at the WTO.

Agriculture plays a critical role for G33 Members and most of these member countries have a large number of smallholder farmers whose livelihoods depend on agriculture.