‘Food, Agricultural Systems Strategy huge step towards revamping economy’

By Owen Mandovha

The launch of the Agricultural and Food Transformation Strategy by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been described as another huge step towards achieving an upper-middle-income economy by the year 2030.

The launch of the Food and Agricultural Systems Strategy is yet another testimony that Government is following a well-coordinated approach to revamp the economy as enshrined in the Transitional Stabilization Program (TSP).

The presence of private sector players at Wednesday’s launch which saw the unveiling of plans to contribute to the strategy has been described by key players as an affirmation of how Government is committed to attaining a 25 billion US dollar economy by the year 2025.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers president Mr Denford Mutashu said the strategy sits well at the heart of substituting imports which have dominated the domestic market for long.

“As a country, we earn a lot of foreign currency compared to other countries on the African Continent but our high propensity to import makes this futile. Hence if we reinvigorate the Agricultural sector, we have the ability to attain the goals set in the TSP.”

President of the National Business Council of Zimbabwe (NBSZ), Mr Langton Mabhanga commended the coordinated sectoral approach being pursued by Government in growing the economy.

“We have a mining development policy that was launched that seeks to create a US$12 billion mining sector by the year 2023 and a National Tourism Strategy to create a US$5 billion tourism economy that was launched last month. All this shows that we are set to achieve an upper-middle-income economy by the year 2030.”

Judging by the economic achievements two years on, the Second Republic is well on course to achieving the vision of an upper-middle-income economy by the year 2030.