Floods leave families marooned in Budiriro

A number of families in Harare’s Budiriro 5 high density suburb were left marooned, while their houses and property were destroyed following flash floods early this morning.

The families woke up to rising water levels resulting from hours of rainfall in the early this morning which saw some water bodies including Marimba River bursting their seams.

The floods moved across this residential area destroying houses and property as many desperately sought high ground to escape the ferocity of the waters.

At a distance this news crew captured some families trying to recover the last of their property, while some hopelessly looked at the situation hoping that the rains will not continue.

Access is now the major hindrance as most roads that lead to this area are all soaked and impassable.

Indications are that this residential area sits on a wetland and some houses have been built on the water course.

Residents, who refused to speak on camera have questioned the legality of this residential area.

While these questions remain, the affected residents will pin their hopes that the water levels will subside so as to enable them to make their way to safe ground.