Flood hazard maps ready for use in all districts

By Mhlomuli Ncube

THE Civil Protection Unit has developed flood hazard maps in every district as part of long-term emergency plans to deal with the increasing threat of natural disasters.

The reality of climate change and its impact on weather patterns has resulted in disaster preparedness being listed among the top government priorities.

Government is already taking a proactive approach through a mapping exercise which spells out each district’s vulnerability to natural disasters.

“We have your flood hazard maps that have been developed by the CPU that are in all the district development co-ordinators offices. They need now to be unpacked and used effectively to ensure that as a district, you know exactly who is where and those who are in potential trouble once a disaster occurs,” Director Climate Change Management Department, Washington Zhakata said.

Citizen awareness has also been a key driver in disaster preparedness, with traditional leaders coming on board.

Due to climate change, recurring droughts and floods have seen government intervening through evacuations, relief support and other state funded measures.