First Lady takes the COVID-19 fight to rural communities

By ZBC Reporter

Rural Communities continue to embrace awareness initiatives on Covid-19 being spearheaded by the First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa.

No person is immune to COVID-19, for rural communities, the risk is just as high as for those in the urban areas even more due to lack of knowledge about the virus.

Existing knowledge gaps are still visible in rural communities across the country and these are vacuums that are now being targeted by the First Lady and her Angel of Hope Foundation through enhanced awareness programmes.

Researchers and medical experts note that rural communities tend to be more at risk of the COVID-19 because they carry an elderly population that is already burdened with underlying conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which are an easy pick for the virus.

Faced with such possibilities, it has become vital for rural communities to be adequately prepared with sufficient knowledge in fighting this ferocious disease.

With schools closed as a result of the pandemic, this has meant that children are now spending more time at home.

But how are these communities preparing against infections within this vulnerable group?

This was a pertinent Issue raised during a meeting between the First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa and the elderly from Mberengwa and Zvishavane communal areas this Friday.

In the wake of COVID-19 induced lifestyle changes, the First Lady, Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa and the Angel of Hope Foundation teams are conducting intensive lessons in the Midlands Province at a time when cases of the disease in Zimbabwe have risen to 51 as of this Thursday.

The growing burden of the COVID-19 pandemic has put to test the patience of many.

At least for the rural communities, the awareness programmes by health officials and the intensified campaign by the First Lady, are equipping them with vital information to deal with the disease.

Over the last four days the First Lady and the Angel of Hope Foundation teams promoted awareness on the novel Corona virus within the Midlands Province.

This Friday Amai Mnangagwa covered communal areas in Mberengwa North and Zvishavane Runde, while the Foundation teams worked in centres stretching from Mberengwa West, Mberengwa East and
Zvishavane Ngezi constituencies.

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