COVID-19: First Lady fosters unity within rural communities

By Theophilus Chuma

The First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa has denounced domestic violence and child marriages, urging communities to be proactive in fighting social ills.

She was addressing the elderly and other vulnerable groups during a Covid-19 awareness programme in Chiweshe this Saturday.

Braving the sweltering heat in Mashonaland Central Province at Nzvimbo High School in Chiweshe this Saturday, the First Lady continued with her Covid-19 awareness programme.

The First Lady’s efforts have positively impacted thousands of lives, empowering them through vital knowledge, enabling citizens to better prepare against exposure and infection.

Among the key messages advanced by the First Lady is the need for communities to be sensitive and alert to the pandemic.

“The key message I bring is that I protect you and you protect me. This is what has helped us fight this pandemic.”

They have seen the worst before, but nothing as challenging as Coronavirus which has drastically changed their lifestyles.

The First Lady strongly urged society to be united in fighting this vice fuelled by Covid-19.

While every muscle has been directed to battle the pandemic, these emerging issues are a call to action, with the First Lady’s efforts being applauded by the leadership in Mashonaland Central province.

Older persons and vulnerable groups including people with disabilities, women and children are segments that many times tend to be forgotten when challenges strike.

Hope is, however, not lost as their needs are being adequately addressed through the initiative spearheaded by the First Lady and the Angel of Hope Foundation.

These efforts are being complemented through effective participation of the church in advancing the First Lady’s cause.

Inspiring music from the United Methodist Masimba Edenga, Marimba Edenga and the Police Band warmed up the gathering as they look to the future with hope after being inspired by the Mother of the Nation.