First Lady calls for continued support for Idai survivors

By ZBC Reporter
The First lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, has called for continued support to cyclone Idai survivors as the effects of the disaster still haunts them.
Cyclone Idai struck the eastern parts of Zimbabwe with Chimanimani and Chipinge districts hardest hit leaving 340 people dead, hundreds unaccounted for and properties destroyed.
Speaking to the ZBC News, Amai Mnangagwa called for more donations to assist victims who were left homeless and are still in need of assistance.
“People from all walks of life, corporates, churches and even communities were moved to donated whatever they could mobilise. We are grateful for the assistance received from relief aid agencies and international friends and partners,” said the First Lady.
“But a year on, we are reminded that the effort needed for survivors whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed is still enormous. There are thousands who are still in makeshift shelters who need proper homes, there are thousands who need food and clothing and even thousands more who need economic support to engage in farming, their basic source of livelihood and to send their children to school.
“On a national level infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools and health centres were destroyed and need to be reconstructed. Let me thus remind all of us that there is still work to done, nurturing the injured physically and psychologically until full recovery and support with the same basket of items that we mobilized last year.”
The First Lady commended efforts done by good wishers to date.
“The disaster however showed why all who reside inside our borders are Zimbabweans first. We remember the outpouring of grief and sympathy for the victims of the cyclone. We recall with pride how Zimbabweans stood with each other and demonstrated unparalleled unity of purpose in the rescue and recovery effort as well as in galvanizing all forms of aid and support including foodstuffs and clothing for survivors of the disaster.”