FIFA rankings released for the first time in 6 months

By ZBC Reporter

WORLD Football governing body FIFA has released national team rankings for the first time in six months after international matches resumed following the Covid-19 interruption.

It has been a trying time for football enthusiasts who have had to adjust to the new normal of first living without their favourite sport and then watching from a distance as the game returned in empty stadiums.

With club football having been the first to resume, it has been a long wait for international football with the only national team games to talk about being the UEFA Nations League games which took place across Europe at the beginning of this month.

With the exception of Uzbekistan’s 2-1 win over Tajikistan in an international friendly, the rest of the national teams which have been in action are European

It is no surprise that the latest FIFA rankings are a true reflection of the situation on the ground with the top three led Belgium remaining unchanged while European Champions Portugal moved into the top five after their victories over Croatia and Sweden.

The number one ranked team in Africa is still Senegal followed by Tunisia with Nigeria, Algeria and Morocco completing the top five on the Continent.

Zimbabwe is still ranked 111th in the world following the long period of activity which could end with the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers set to resume in November.