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ZiG & Patriotism: Twin enablers of full economic empowerment

By Dr Charles Dahwa

Fellow Zimbabweans and fellow countrymen and women. May I take this opportunity to share my views about our newly introduced national currency, the Zimbabwe Gold: ZiG. Many amongst us are still wondering whether this time around our national currency will work for us and many continue to raise the issue of confidence especially considering that both the private and public sectors are not exclusively trading in our ZiG. As I begin, I want you to know that I am saying our ZiG shall take us to full economic empowerment and all we need is to be patriotic, accordingly transform our buying and selling behaviours by shunning actions that we know will worsen our situation, while our policy makers stay the course in terms of fiscal and monetary discipline as well as market determined gradual transformations.

I am saying let us have confidence in our ZiG come what may primarily because mombe yekuronzera hukama wakaringe nzira. Badza rekukwereta harina ndima. Tinosvika kupi tichiva nerudo rwakadzamisisa rwekuda mari yekunze USD$ tichishoropodza mari yedu. ZiG musimboti weupenyu uye upfumi hwedu asi USD$ chikwambo. Ngatidzokesei chikwambo ichi kwachakabva. No nation has ever successfully developed without its own currency. Let us all collectively defend our ZiG at all costs.

Ofcourse doing the above is a lot easier said than done, for example, our economy has continued to face extremely difficult challenges and as the general public we lost our significant savings owing to hyperinflation and the erosion of our local currency. Further, problems bedevilling our national economy are multifaceted, such as legacy issues of our erstwhile colonizers not wanting to let go their hands off the driving seat of our economy; hence, as is their tradition globally, they always characteristically put spanners where ever they can and whenever they can.

In addition, our land reform attracted much adverse impact from global powers leading to our economy being under sanctions for the past two decades. Previously, such economic embargoes were flatly denied across numerous platforms, but as the chickens are now coming home to roost, recently global media was awash with pronouncements of the lifting of some sections of the sanctions, and at the same time, enforcing a new breed of economic sanctions. Gratitude here goes to the collective efforts of all of us as a nation and our regional and international partners who for the past decades have continued, and still do to this day, advocate for the total removal of all economic sanctions on our beloved nation.

Indeed, all sanctions must go because first, they are illegal and second, they are not achieving anything positive except to continue to make our people suffer. Research shows that globally, economic sanctions never really work except hurting the marginalized populace.

In light of the above two major challenges, a major problem that is rarely spoken about in our corridors as we discuss about what really went wrong with our nation? But where did we get it all wrong? is how inevitably, sanctions bred corruption! Ofcourse there is no human being on earth who is perfect and without being misinterpreted to be condoning corruption, the reality of the matter is that, throughout the world, temptation to be corrupt is always there and this is true for all mankind.

However, when an economy gets sanctioned and is blocked left, right, centre, top and bottom, the natural ideology and attitude, that of, the law of the jungle, comes into play. As we all know it, things become a case of survival of the fittest. This is exactly what happened to our beloved nation. Owing to sanctions, birthed was some high levels of corruption and undoubtedly sanctions enforce and re-enforce corruption. Sanctions stifle and preclude the execution and compliance to best practice formal processes, systems and institutions thus proliferating shrewd and grey informal ways of doing things, hence, the emergence and thriving of a strong black market.

Borrowing from the Holy Book, 2 Kings 7:3-4, we are told about how the Syrians blocked the nation of Israel leading to a ‘nobody comes in and comes out scenario’. As such there was great famine never imagined and corruption set in. One woman shrewdly and cold heartedly convinced her fellow woman neighbour that the two should eat that woman’s child so they can survive, while the next day they would also eat her child. So, that neighbour woman’s child had to die but the next day, when it was time to slaughter and eat the child of the scheming cold hearted woman who initiated this idea, this woman refused and the matter was brought before the King of Israel.

There are numerous lessons we learn from this bible narrative and an important one being how redemption had to come through the three leprotic men who brought the glad tidings, and how one senior officer who had doubted the abundance of food the next day, did not partake in this glad tidings and great revival just as God’s word had said.

However, there is one particular truth and lesson that we rarely talk about or hear being talked or preached about, that is, the deadly effect of blockading and choking a nation through political, social and economic means such that all the nation can do is suffocate to its death. When this happens, people got to do what they got to do to survive and this is exactly what happened in our nation during the past two decades. We just had to survive, by hook and by crook: survival was our paramount goal and the means through which we survived was not necessarily the issue.

The next lesson, ofcourse we all know it, and is very much talked about, that is, the miraculous intervention of God, see quotation below.

Elisha replied,

“Hear the word of the LORD. This is what the LORD says: About this time tomorrow, a seah of the finest flour will sell for a shekel and two seahs of barley for a shekel at the gate of Samaria.” The officer on whose arm the king was leaning said to the man of God, “Look, even if the LORD should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?” “You will see it
with your own eyes,” answered Elisha, “but you will not eat any of it!” (2 Kings 7:1-4).

When that very tragic issue of these two women having to resort to eating their children was brought to the King, the King also told Elisha, who was a true prophet of God. In response, Elisha conveyed the message of hope from God, that is, just tomorrow, a mere 24 hours later, everything was going to be alright again. This is a message not just of hope but a crucial message that evoked and inspired confidence, yet it was not very easy for the nation of Israel to suddenly have this hope and regain such significant confidence in themselves again as a nation and as God’s chosen people. This is clearly demonstrated by one senior officer who worked in the Kings court; who in all honest, and using logic and reasoning, concluded that such day dreaming was never going to happen. Sadly, unbeknown to him, this was not day dreaming but God’s word. Therefore, God’s response to this King’s officer was that he was only going to see this great salvation, redemption, revival and joy but was not going to partake in it. True to God’s word, this is what happened to this officer as narrated below.

“Now the king had put the officer on whose arm he leaned in charge of the gate, and the people trampled him in the gateway, and he died, just as the man of God had foretold when the king came down to his house. 18 It happened as the man of God had said to the king: “About this time tomorrow, a seah of the finest flour will sell for a shekel and two seahs of barley for a shekel at the gate of Samaria.” 19 The officer had said to the man of God, “Look, even if the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?” The man of God had replied, “You will see it with your own eyes, but you will not eat any of it!” 20 And that is exactly
what happened to him,for the people trampled him in the gateway, and he
died. (2 Kings 7:17-20).

My dear fellow countrymen and women. My dear fellow citizens. If we carefully look at our own challenges, where we have come from and where we are now and where we seek to go, surely, we should notice significant parallels or similarities with the biblical narrative above.

There is what is called Time Zero analysis and understanding of why situations are what they are and how come they are what they are and for how long shall they be what they are. To help you understand this Time Zero concept, I remind you of one of our very own musician Joseph Mutero and Zvishavane Sounds, who sang about Mutongi Gava Maenzanise, listen to this beautiful song here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFBzJEPvM_8

To those who have never listened to this masterpiece song especially our younger generations, let me summarize the lyrics for you, but, please commit yourself to listen to it.

Joseph Mutero sang about how a leopard was trapped in a man-made trap/dungeon (chizarira) made by the community. The community trapped the leopard because it was killing their goats and cattle. So, after spending many days in the dungeon and almost fainting to death, the leopard saw a man passing by and pleaded with him to unlock the dungeon so that it can escape. The man argued that if he was to help the leopard escape from the dungeon, it was going to kill and eat him. The leopard pleaded mercifully with the man and he finally felt pity on it and opened the dungeon for the leopard to escape.

Shockingly, as soon as the leopard was helped by the man to escape, guess what, it roared and roared and said it was now going to kill and eat this man. The leopard argued that it was extremely hungry, very weak and no longer had power to hunt. The man then pleaded with the leopard so that they could tell only three creatures they would happen to find about what happened and ask each one of them their opinion about this matter. If such creatures said the leopard should go ahead and eat this man, then the man said he would agree to be killed and eaten by the leopard.

So, the Leopard and the man went about looking for such three creatures and first to be encountered was a cow. The cow argued that the man and his mankind always kill them as cows and eating them, therefore it was now his turn to be eaten, so the leopard should indeed eat this man, for he was meat to the leopard. Next was a fellow man and when told about this matter, he surprisingly refused to side with his fellow human being. Instead, he supported the leopard to go ahead and kill his fellow man. Third and last to be asked was a jackal (Gava). After being told the story, the Jackal used the Time Zero critical thinking and analysis concept and it asked both the man and the leopard to please go back to where all this matter started. Simply put, the Jackal said let us go to Time Zero -Ngatiendei pazvakatangira kuti tizosvike padambudziko ramunaro nhasi. So, after arriving back at the scene of the man-made trap, because of this Time Zero concept, the leopard voluntarily agreed to get back into the dungeon. Further, the leopard voluntarily agreed that the Jackal should close the trap or dungeon as it was before. On the other hand, the good-hearted man was instructed by the Jackal to go and stand exactly where he was. The man was further asked to do exactly what he was doing when the trapped leopard saw him and called him to come and rescue it. The man replied that he was going where he was going and the Jackal instructed the man to then resume his journey and go where he was going.

Consequently, the good-hearted man went off where he was going originally while the leopard was left to die in the dungeon where it was originally supposed to die. On the other hand, the clever and wise judge Jackal returned to its original plans for the day.

While the above is indeed a folklore about traditional imaginary stories when mankind used to speak with animals, the logic is not at all a folklore but quite real.

Therefore, by applying this song and story by Joseph Mutero and Zvishavane Sounds and the biblical narrative about the besieging of the nation of Israel, we can agree that we are in a better position to fully comprehend every one of our situations as a nation and as a people of Zimbabwe if we go back to Time Zero.

To refresh our memories, I shall cite just a few milestones. By applying this Time Zero logic, we shall all recognize and remember that in the 1890’s we got colonized just like all other colonized countries were. Our ancestors got subjugated and our land, which was our economy, forcibly taken away from them. We were abused socially and culturally as we were forced to do away with our customary names, our culture and spirituality and Western names and religion were forced upon us, and it was ofcourse dubbed Christianity.

But one wonders, how Westerners who preached in a loving God and His gracious son the Lord Jesus Christ would then be so cold heartedly and without any remorse whatsoever rape our mothers, sisters and brothers and disfranchised us of all our rights and dignity. Years back, they even had the temerity of selling us as Africans as slaves and even one of the slave ships was called Jesus and the Western church also played key roles in slavery. Narrating all this is not at all hate speech but simply going back to Time Zero so that we understand the mile stones of why we are where we are now in terms of our national economic challenges.

Also, please note that before Westerners came to Africa and to our country, it does not mean that we had no relationship with God….This naturally can be difficult for many to comprehend given how for centuries they have grown up to believe that they are inferior and there is a white man saviour. God and angels have historically been taught to us and drawn on pictures as being of white man while the devil has always been portrayed as a black man, with horns, a huge tail and a large long fork. A case in point that demonstrates that there has been a great deception over the centuries relates to recent revelations emanating from Russia where disclosure was made to the effect that Christ was actually of black decent and not the traditional Caucasian man the entire world grew up being indoctrinated into.

It bogs the mind why to this date the Ethiopian bible remains overlooked in spirituality circles, yet much of spirituality has its cradle in Africa. So, we are told, there are non-canonical and forbidden holy books, but forbidden by who? Yet there were emperors of conquest nations who were passionate in world conquest and at the same time using religion to wield power and also appointing commissions to oversee the discourse in religion and or spirituality….then we are told, there are forbidden books? Forbidden by who?…anyway, this is a debate for another day. I know some bible scholars and gurus are already saying what is this man up to but the issue is whose bible schools did you get schooled in? Further, whose narrative anchors such bible schools? Anyway, back to our main topic….

Having been colonized, led to the first and second chimurenga wars of liberation until we attained our independence on 18 April 1980. Eternal gratitude to the thousands of daughters and sons of the soil that paid the ultimate price of death serving as freedom fighters so that all of us can be free today. Many of our freedom fighters who survived remain with us today nursing various war injuries and sadly many remain in abject poverty. Today we talk so much about freedom of this and freedom of that, had it not been our valiant gallant daughters and sons of the soil, we would not be having such freedoms and human rights we are so fond of to extent of disregarding our very own identity and culture as Zimbabweans, as Africans, as vana vaMutapa, vana vaMurenga, vazukuru vaNehanda, vazukuru vaKaguvi and so on. As some among us get lost in this rights discourse please know and remember that our nation dies just as our legitimate true culture dies. There is no nation whose heart, soul and spirit are global culture but each nation is unique in its own heritage and national culture. As such let us truly be and forever remain Zimbabweans.

Continuing to track this Time Zero concept and critical thinking to analyze why as a nation we are in this economic turmoil we are in today, we will recall that our nation never waged a war of liberation so that we can just regain mere political independence but we fought so that we get back our total independence that is, both political and economic. This is why after numerous engagements with our former erstwhile colonial power, Britain to have our land back including the willing buyer willing seller failed, the only option left was to get it back by force. Ofcourse this is not how our nation would have wanted to go about addressing this issue but there was no other option and so the land reform took off in the manner it did. We have since made significant strides in reforming and consolidating our land tenure and our people continue to get reunited with their land.

Yet, our decision to get back our land angered our erstwhile colonizer Britain who in turn teamed up with the United States of America and the majority of the Western nations and in came the economic sanctions. Why? To reverse the land reform, effect regime change, and make Zimbabwe an exemplar of a failed state. Further, the Western coalition then increasingly interfered in our politics leading to the formation of what I call ‘madevekunze opposition politics’.

Ofcourse in any genuine democracy, opposition politics is a strong pillar and is by all means both wanted and very necessary. However, when opposition politics becomes madevekunze, wines and dines with our erstwhile colonizers to effect regime change and reverse the gains of our hard won political independence and further impede the successful progression of our very much desired economic independence and total self-determination, such kind of madevekunze opposition politics loses its importance and strategic space in our body politics. The madevekunze opposition politics loses strategic space not because its existence is legislated against but primarily because the masses know where they came from, where they desire to go; hence, they reject the madevekunze ideology.

As we come to the climax of tracking the Time Zero concept to understand where we came from and we are now, it becomes very clear that the greater part of our past two decades has been to fend off the vicious sanctions, which like I alluded to earlier on, further gave birth amongst us corruption of significant proportion. This corruption not only soiled our integrity but has really dented our ubuntu. We have since coined names such as mbudzi inodya payakasungirirwa as we inadvertently socialized corruption into our nation and societal fabric.

A key milestone also burgeoning was the informal sector. Considering our economy was continuously imploding inevitably the man/woman has got to do what a man/woman has got to do ideology crept into us and to survive, we just had to do whatever we could and with little remorse. Ultimately, this ushered in a shrewd and nuanced black market for which arbitrage at the highest levels possible is central. Alas with integrity and ubuntu thrown out, for some sections of our economy, doing dirty deals became the norm!

Yet as we recount this Time Zero trajectory, in all honest, great commendation should be done to our governors and one of them stands out shoulders above the rest and this is none other than Dr Gideon Gono. This Central Bank Governor stirred our nation in what arguably stands out to be our nation’s greatest and most trying times but we survived! Yet it is not all of us who conceive how hard and how extremely difficult it was to stir our economy during such perilous times in our economy: Our enemies had really done all to shut us and collapse us for good, but we vanquished their strategies and emerged as victors, but ofcourse, not without our bruises and burns; such is the appearance of real fighters in a war. Wooo, what a great sigh of relief! Thank you very much Dr Gideon Gono! Objectively, I do not for see us reliving such gigantic tribulation times as a nation such as we experienced during Dr Gono’s era. Many of us are very good at armchair critiquing and if you were to be appointed in this hot seat, you run out of steam well before the race starts.

Pinnacling our Time Zero analysis and trajectory, we are now at a momentous stage and episode in our self-determination discourse and revolution where we are certainly heading in the right direction of continuously transforming for the better. It is like all along, as a nation we were pushing huge rocks up Inyangani mountain and we are just left with a few paces to reach the top. Any slight mistake, the huge rock boulders can roll back on us, crushing us and receding our economy back and far worse than we were. Yet, what is refreshing is the knowledge that just by garnering our little extra ounces of energy, we know that we shall surely surmount our historical challenges, be on the mountain top and feel that fresh breeze that we have for many decades sincerely desired and worked for.

Heading in the right direction? And for the better? Yes, I can hear numerous voices in objection. This objection is ofcourse greatly understood and naturally expected, given how things have been heating up during our past two decades. Undoubtedly, our national economy has been a pressure cooker!

Notably, the patriotism in me, which by the way simply entails unparalleled, un-feigning and undying love for one’s country drives me to shout yes, and I repeat yes, we are heading in the right direction. I am sure you have heard me but let me elaborate. I am saying so because instead of the madevekunze strategy that wants us as a nation to surrender our sovereignty and right to self-determination and full economic emancipation by bowing to the whims of global powers and making us a vassal state, what we have is the rich national philosophy of Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo! Ilizwe Lakhiwa Ngabanikazi Balo! A nation is built by its indigenous owners! Complimenting this is our national moto and mantra “Leaving no one and no place behind!” Our knowledge frontier is now anchored and driven by our newly crafted heritage-based learning- the Education 5.0, for which creativity, innovation, commercialization and industrialization are all vital and central. Space does not permit to narrate several other transformational policies that our nation has come up with and ofcourse we all know that it is our President His Excellence Dr E D Mnangagwa who birthed our national ideology and national mantra Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo and leaving no one and no place behind respectively.

To add to this, we have recently ushered in our new currency the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG), which unlike our past national currencies, is uniquely backed up by our gold reserves in addition to leveraging on our other precious metals such as platinum as well as on our foreign currency reserves. Surely, with all this in place and ongoing strategic planning, execution, monitoring, evaluation, feedbacking and feed forwarding, our dream for us to become a prosperous and upper middle-income economy by 2030 is not at all a pipe dream, but an actionable and realizable dream. With such great state of affairs this should ordinarily inspire confidence in all of us, yes all of us!

When a patriot chooses to remain optimistic and take concrete action through mind setting, thinking, planning, words and deeds to further the successful achievement of national strategies such as above, all the madevekunze opposition strategy does is to bastardize and name label patriots as singing for their supper, or foolish praise singers and several other nasty names not fit for publication in this professional newspaper. Yet, the key question is, if patriots do not sing for their nation, cheer up their leaders, encourage the masses and especially those fainting and wanting to give up, who then shall they sing for? Who then shall they encourage? Whose nation then shall they constructively contribute towards its building and rebuilding, brick by brick, step by step? Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo! Ilizwe Lakhiwa Ngabanikazi Balo!

Conversely, while it is deemed a taboo by naysayers for patriots to play ball and tow the line in constructive engagements in nation building, interestingly quite shockingly, the zero-sum game proponents proudly and overtly cheer up their madevekunze strategic crafters and handlers! Even to the extent of not only manufacturing lies but actually taking concrete steps and action to ensure nothing works for our nation. For as long as our nation and our people continue to suffer, their strategic plan and manoeuvres of regime change remain on course.

As I encourage us all to boost our confidence in our national strategic vison as set forth by our patriotic national leaders and government, I am mindful and take cognisance that we are not at all wired the same in terms of our understanding and appreciation of national issues. Even puppies do not open their eyes on the same day! But if we can only all make use of this Time Zero critical thinking and analysis, we can all clearly see and understand where we came from, how, where we ae now, where we seek to go, when and how and go on to effectively address the so what questions.

Consequently, I repeat: We are heading for full economic emancipation and this in itself is a declaration of economic war with global powers that for centuries have held all developing nations at ransom. Worse on the receiving end has been all former colonized nations. Former colonial masters made it a point that apart from previously colonized nations getting political power, economic power should and must stay far and far away from them. Look at the Western African countries, the so called, Francophone nations: It is only now that they are one by one beginning to truly break away from the yoke of bondage, but of course doing so with much bruises. As such, any previously colonized nation that wants to chatter a new economic emancipation trajectory, such a nation gets attacked viciously through an array of political and socio-economic tools inclusive of financial /currency manipulation, economic embargos, sponsorship of madevekunze opposition outfits and the main goal being regime change. Just recently, global news reports on how plans are underway to punish countries that dare breakaway from the USD$ global financial system.

To address any lingering doubts that we are indeed heading in the right direction here is one justification. For those who read widely and remain abreast with global geo politics, the emerging of BRICS Nations as an increasing economic power house and the escalation of several economies and nations that are taking significant strides to break away from the USD$; reverting to put their trust in gold and some into the petro dollar, all this is enough evidence and great assurance to us all that our new Central Bank Governor Dr John Mushayavanhu and his team did a sterling job to come up with our first ever structured currency, the ZiG.

Nevertheless, our major nemesis remains our confidence in our ZiG and ladies and gentleman, no central bank governor can ever legislate confidence. Economists would argue that ZiG has to earn our confidence and that some independent commissions must regularly audit our central bank but being a patriot, I would most importantly argue that it takes our collective patriotism to defeat the USD$ hegemony. We, as a nation should and must have confidence in our ZiG. It all starts by our perception and what we say about it and finally our attitude towards it. Confidence in our ZiG should start with each one of us, further it should get viral to infect several others and ultimately, it circulates amongst us all!

Yet the dangling drawbacks are that, true there are still several bottlenecks that kill our confidence in ZiG such as ourselves failing to access basic commodities and pay for day to day living expenses such as rent, school fees, transport fare and fuel. Admittedly, not all service providers both private and public sector are exclusively selling in our ZiG. This is so because we are still in a multi-currency regime and the USD$ including several other legalized foreign currencies still remain legal tender. In particular, because the USD$ is the global base currency it is naturally still the much-preferred currency for trading and for store of value. In sharp contrast, our ZiG has just been introduced.

Therefore, naturally, and quite rightfully so, it is going to take quite some time for our ZiG to increase its share of being used in the market and this is so because as pronounced by our central bank , which is also what many economic commentators have said and continue to advocate for, transforming to increasingly use ZiG shall be done gradually and crucially determined by market forces as opposed to a Government crackdown.

Crucially, it has to be noted that both extremes, that is, 100% de-dollarizing right now and 100% dollarizing right now all have significant negative repercussions. Our challenge therefore as a nation is how best to find that striking balance and this is where you and I should come in as citizens and as patriots to accordingly reform our behaviour. Let us all shy away from behaviours that we know too well will only worsen the situation than quickening our economic recovery. May we for a difference, inundate our banks to purchase foreign currency and avoid the black market. May we for a difference and positive impact avoid forward pricing whether in ZiG or in the USD.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate what transpired in that biblical narrative. The nation of Israel was utterly dejected and hopeless but God’s word came to them and through for them. Surely, God’s word also comes for us and through for us. If God did it for the nation of Israel why not for us as Zimbabweans?

Surely our structured currency, the ZiG shall see us through. Let us not demonize it but embrace it whole heartedly. Just imagine what will happen if all of us start to prefer and increase our usage of our ZiG than the USD$? No doubt ZiG shall keep gaining while the USD$ will start to decline. Let us not be like that King’s officer who doubted and ended up not partaking in the revival of their economy. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo ! Ilizwe Lakhiwa Ngabanikazi Balo! A nation is built by its indigenous owners! Leaving no one and no place behind! Zimbabwe towards a prosperous and upper middle-income economy by 2030 shall surely come to pass. ZiG and patriotism are indeed the twin enablers of our full economic emancipation. Ichooo!

Feel free to share your thoughts and let us have a frank and genuine conversation about how we can together join efforts in taking our nation forward sevana vevhu uye vene venyika. Kana mutorwa achiuya anouya kuzotaurawo kuonawo kwake asi kwete kuzobva ava mwene. #ZiGMusimbotiweZimbabwe #USDChikwambo #TosePaZiG

Dr Charlie is a Research, Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (RISE) consultant and writes in his personal capacity.

He is reachable on drcdahwa@gmail.com

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