Fears over creating a black market for education through extra lessons

By ZBC Reporter

ZANU PF Secretary for Education in the Politburo Dr Joram Gumbo says there is need for educators to address the issue of extra lessons as the country risks creating a black market for education.

The formal education system is under threat from extra lessons which are being given priority in primary and secondary schools.

Officiating at the Mashonaland Central Education Conference held at the weekend, ZANU PF Secretary for Education in the Politburo, Dr Joram Gumbo bemoaned the focus on extra lessons saying it is a deliberate attempt to sabotage the formal education system.

“Many teachers are not attending to students during normal working hours choosing instead to do it via extra lessons where a fee is charged. If this situation is left unchecked, we risk creating a black market for education. I hope you will have the opportunity to deliberate on this important matter during this conference,” said Dr Gumbo.

He also challenged educators to ensure their training includes all languages officially recognised in Section Six of the constitution while also looking at the role of partnerships in improving quality of education was highlighted during the conference.

“Education does not happen in a vacuum and it becomes necessary to look at what the SDGs say about the sector of education. We look at SDGs number 4 which speaks to quality education. It does not say those in farms and in rural areas can have a different form of education. Its speaks of quality of education across the body and it becomes obvious that there ought to be more players in the sector to assist the process of education, the delivery of education and also impact the outcome of education that is good pass rates, futures for our children,” added Dr Dokora

High expectations have been placed on the education sector to drive modernisation and industrialisation in line with the National Development Strategy One.