Fathers described as pillars of society and family role models

By Memory Chamisa

The role of a father in a family set up came under the spotlight this Monday, as the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation celebrated and honoured its male employees through a luncheon.

This Monday, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) took time to appreciate its male employees as part of Father’s Day celebrations.

While this Sunday was the official Father’s Day, many where at work as the broadcaster is a 24-hour station and some could not celebrate with their families, hence management saw it fit to take time to appreciate this Monday.

Some of the fathers appreciated the gesture, saying it showed they are not just fathers at home, but also at work.

James Gora

“As a father who has seen it all, I urge this generation to be vigilant in safeguarding their children against these forms of abuse that are now there. In as much as we continue to work for our families, we also need to instill good moral values that they will also pass on to their children,” said veteran broadcaster, James Gora.


Louis, a young father and employee of the national broadcaster said, “As a young father myself, I appreciate the gesture shown by our management and also encourage my fellow fathers to continue providing for our families.”

An accountant at the corporation, Maxwell Judah said, “This Father’s Day comes as we are facing a big challenge in drug and substance abuse among our children and as fathers, we need to be there for them and try as much as we can to talk to them and make them see reason in all of this. Yes, we are working hard in providing for them, but we also need to make time and know what is going on in their lives.”

Maxwell Judah

“This Father’s Day is very special as we got to be appreciated both at home and work and as a father myself, I hope to be a role model not only for my children at home, but also those that look up to me through my work,” said another young father, Victorious Breakfast.

Victorious Breakfast

Guest speaker, entrepreneur, banker and leadership development facilitator, Dr Nigel Chanakira spoke on the importance of a father figure in the family.

“A father is like a football coach who is there on the touchline to see to it that the child is guided accordingly. And as the child grows older the coaching also shifts from the touchline to the terraces until the father is just a bystander, but that doesn’t mean he cannot have a say on the child’s life. And when they are in trouble they should able to call you their father and air out their problems. There is need to continue looking after our families especially now that the world order has changed and children are more vulnerable to predators out there.”

Dr Nigel Chanakira

Finding the right words can be difficult in explaining what fathers have done and still do, but children will always acknowledge and appreciate the roles played by their fathers and father figures who are an integral part of their lives.