FATHER ’s DAY: Struggles of a single father

By Abigirl Tembo, Features Editor

A LOT has been said about single mothers working hard to take care of their children under challenging circumstances but not much has been said about men who are stepping up and taking the challenge of raising their children singlehandedly.

It is the 3rd Sunday of June and it is father’s day. Although not much is being said about this special day it still remains a special day to honour and celebrate fathers who work tirelessly to raise their children.

While some men have been accused of abandoning their children others deserve to be celebrated especially on this special day.

One such man is Apostle Amos Zinyake who for the past four years since the death of his wife has been taking care of his four children singlehandedly.

“It has been challenging and interesting at the same time, especially when you are used to having your partner and she dies you have to adjust. This happened at a time when three of my girls were now entering teenagehood. It was difficult when I was first confronted with the issue of menstruation periods and how to handle it, but along the way, I got the hang of it”

Because of the bond he has with his children, the father of four refused to hand over his girls to relatives, at the time the youngest one was just 4 years old.

“I have a bond with my children I could not hand them over to relatives and I believe they are certain things that need to be changed in our culture so I took it upon myself because it is an issue of being responsible.”

“As man we need to be responsible for our children. It has been challenging because for Zoe she was still young, I had to bath her and take her to school.”

Every girl needs a mother in her life and for the Zinyake girls they do miss their mom but admit their dad tries and will forever be their hero.

“Dad really tries he has taught us everything we know in life, he taught us to cook, do household chores and stuff, at first it was really difficult especially talking about our periods but eventually we got used to each other.”

As we celebrate father’s day Zinyake challenged all fathers and male guardians to be responsible.

“If fathers take their responsibilities seriously then we will have a better society.”
Fatherhood is not just about having children, a father is someone who takes responsibility even though he is not a biological father.

HAPPY FATHER’S day to all fathers out there especially those stepping up to their responsibilities.

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