Father murders children

A 56-year-old Chiredzi man has been arrested for murder after allegedly killing his two children following a domestic dispute with his wife.

According to a police report, William Phiri who is a medical doctor by profession, arrived at his home in Mkwasine at around 11 am on Sunday after spending the night away.

The accused is reported to have had a misunderstanding with his wife who demanded to know where he had slept.

Phiri allegedly turned violent threatening to kill his wife who then fled, leaving the accused with their four children.

 The police report says at around 5 pm Phiri’s wife returned home, only to find all doors locked with the accused assaulting their two children, while the other two were lying motionless.

She then rushed to alert neighbours, only to arrive with the accused having set the house on fire.

They, however, managed to rescue the minors and the accused who was unconscious.

It is alleged that after regaining consciousness, Phiri rushed into the house before coming back with a pistol threatening to kill everyone.

He later fled the scene and was arrested after a police report.

The two survivors have been admitted at Chiredzi General Hospital.

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