Farmers upbeat new wheat producer price will boost production

By ZBC Reporter

Farmers believe the current economic stability should be sustained if the recently reviewed wheat producer price is to have a lasting impact on the viability of wheat farming.

Farmers are upbeat over the new producer price for wheat, which is pegged at forty thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars for an ordinary grade, and fifty-two thousand five hundred and thirty-four dollars for Grade A, with expectations that this will encourage farmers to increase production.

But while the review will be an important step towards boosting productivity, farmers have since urged the government to work on ensuring the sustainability of economic stability for the recent review to yield positive results.

“Indeed we welcome this price review because any review upwards is a welcome development for farmers. However, the government should now work on ways to make sure they protect the current stability of the local currency against the USD because any movement on the other market may shift this review and we will need to go back again and sit for another review,” said Zimbabwe Farmers Union Executive Director Mr Paul Zakaria.

The Zimbabwe National Farmers Union is optimistic that the price adjustment will improve the operational capacity of farmers and cushion them against high costs of inputs.

“We are grateful for this review and we welcome it. This will ensure that we go back on the ground next season, but we also want to encourage the government to look at other factors which may hinder this positive stride,” said Zimbabwe National Farmers Union Chief Executive Officer Mr Edward Dune.

The Government reviewed the price of wheat last week in a development which it said would help farmers to remain viable.

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