Farmers to get seed according to ecological regions

By Tendai Munengwa

GOVERNMENT has announced a new Presidential Inputs Scheme Model which will see inputs being distributed according to agro-ecological regions.

The 2022-23 summer cropping season will see seed under the Presidential Inputs Scheme being distributed according to climatic conditions, with highly productive regions targeted for maize, while drought-prone areas are earmarked for traditional grains.

Agritex Chief Director, Professor Obert Jiri revealed that government has set the 15th of September as the cut-off date to ensure all inputs are stationed at Grain Marketing Board depots for onward distribution to farmers.

“We have come up with a model where farmers in region 1,2 and 3 will receive maize seed while those in dry regions will get more of traditional grains. This will go a long way in dealing with climate change,” he said.

A training programme for farmers is also underway, with successful candidates getting first preference in the distribution of inputs.

“We are happy with the progress made so far on training, we have thousands who have completed .We urge farmers to get trained so that they qualify when inputs distribution starts,” he added.

The climate proof Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme has moved a gear up, targeting 3 000 000 rural households and 500 000 peri-urban farmers.