Farmers in Shurugwi enjoy benefits of Pfumvudza/Intwasa

By Courage Bushe

THE government initiated Pfumvudza/ Intwasa programme continues to prove that it is a game-changer in the face of climate change, with some farmers in Shurugwi ready to smile all the way to the Grain Marketing Board.

Shurugwi is predominantly a mining district, but food security is something that cannot be ignored in the area.

While the focus of many in the district is on tapping into the vast mineral deposits, it is a different story for Mr Nicholas Gara, who is into farming, with government support proving to be a game changer in the face of climate change.

“Ini ndakaona kuti Pfumvudza iyi tobuda senyika pakurima ndikaona mushonga uri pakuti ndinge ndichiswera angu kumunda ndichitevera vakomana vanondibatsira ndiripovo nekuti hazvidi kurima kwepafoni, (I saw the Pfumvudza programme and knew that I would benefit from it. I would be in my field most of the time with the people that help me there and not monitor them via the phone)” he said.

The field day held at Nichrut Farm in Shurugwi this Saturday provided a platform for farmers to exchange notes.

“Tadzidza sevarimi kuti kurima kunoda nguva yakakwana uye nemoyo unoda ndokuti ukunde pakurima, (we have learnt as farmers that farming needs to be done on time in time to be successful)” said one farmer.

In a bid to improve resilience among dryland farmers, government is establishing centres of excellence where farmers will undergo training for various farming technologies.

“We are targeting various provinces as they excel in what is suitable in their agro ecological regions, and we are establishing those centres,” said Chief Director – Agriculture Advisory Services and Rural Development, Prof Obert Jiri.

Shurugwi North legislator, Ronald Nyathi supports the programme saying, “Takatarisa dingindira ra president vedu re leaving no one and no place behind tikutarisira kuti ma hubs of excellence tichange tichiaisa mu maward centers edu kuitira varimi vedu, (we looked at the mantra by the President of leaving no one and no place behind and the hubs of excellence will be put in wards to benefit all farmers).”

The Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme has exposed the potential of local farmers to increase production for both domestic purposes and export.