Farmers commend review of grains producer price

By ZBC Reporter
FARMERS have welcomed the upward review of the grain producer price as a positive development which responds to market forces.
This Tuesday, cabinet approved an upward review of the producer prices for maize, traditional grains, soya bean, sunflower and cotton in response to inflationary pressures.
The move has since been welcomed by farmers for promoting profitability in the agricultural sector.
“We are grateful to government for the review, the rates are good at bank rate but not on against the black market which the president has promised to fight. We would like to thank government for responding to our plight it comes at the right time,” said Shepherd Nyika, a farmer.
“This is an important step and hopefully this will be continuously reviewed in line with prevailing rates
The Zimbabwe Farmers Union believes continued engagements are vital to ensure farmers get fair value for their produce,” said Mr Paul Zakaria, Zimbabwe Farmers Union Secretary General.
“Authorities in the financial services systems need to look into strategies to arrest runway exchange rate, maybe there is need for all the involved parties to engage for a stocked value,” said Mr Benedict Chagumuka, a farmer.
The maize producer price was increased to ZWL$75 000 per metric tonne from ZWL$58 000, while traditional grains are now pegged at ZWL$75 000 per metric tonne.
The Soya bean floor producer price has been set at ZWL$171 495 with the sunflower crop set to pay ZWL$205 794.52.
Announcing the reviewed prices this Tuesday, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa said cabinet noted that in order to maintain farmer viability and profitability, there is need to review the prices for maize, traditional grains, soyabean and sunflower so that they are in sync with existing economic realities.
“A good price that promotes sustainable growth of a particular value chain is that which allows the farmer to realize at least a 15% profit margin,” she said.