Farmer Unions hail new cotton producer price

By ZBC Reporter
FARMER Unions have welcomed the new cotton producer price announced by government as viable, urging farmers to quickly deliver their cotton and get value for their crop.
Responding to the new cotton producer price announced by government, Zimbabwe Cotton Marketers Association Chairman Steward Mubonderi encouraged farmers to take advantage of the goodwill.
“This is a good price considering the farmers got the inputs for free, the farmers should convert their funds into tangible goods and use the US$10 per bale component to invest into things which require foreign currency, so the secret is to deliver early and get the money before it is eroded by inflation, Mubonderi advised the farmers,” he said.
Zimbabwe Farmer Union Executive Director, Paul Zakaria described the cotton producer price as viable but underscored the need for farmers to enhance their yields and boost their returns.
“Looking at both the formal and the informal exchange rate, this prices is good and my advice to farmers is to boost their yields the more they produce with such price, they will make breakthrough. But on the other hand government owing to inflationary pressures which hit our economy, it must always revisit the price and review it when necessary,” he said.’
The new producer price will see farmers getting 43 dollars per kilogramme of cotton with 10 United States dollars being paid to farmers per each bale on delivery.

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