Women farmers urged to produce nutritious food

A call has been made for women at farms to take heed of government initiative to promote food and nutrition policy through starting income generating projects like poultry and gardening. 

68-year-old farmer Mai Denenga and some youths at her farm in Seke District, Mashonland East Province have embraced the food and nutrition security policy through venturing into poultry projects.

“We have listened to government when it challenged us farmers to stop focusing on food security only but the nutrition side which is critical for our health.

“So as an old woman and my youths here at the farm we have decided to produce edible products like eggs, broilers, milk, these will go a long way in boosting our farm workers health.

“Instead of travelling long distances to shopping centre they will access all the protein rich products here at affordable prices,” said Mai Denenga.

Some youths manning the chicken place say the apart from being employed the project is an eye opener to youths who can embrace it to fend for their families.

“We have learnt a lot of things by rearing chickens, this are projects which are simple but worth doing because the returns can enable us to fend for our families. So youth and women out there should embrace this viable project,” a youth said.

The call for women to embark of nutritional projects comes on the heels of a traditional dishes initiative by the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa to promote women to make healthy dishes.

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