Family had no role in secret escape from Japan: Ghosn

LEBANESE authorities say the man believed to be the former Nissan Motor Chairman, Carlos Ghosn showed a French passport in his name for entry.
Ghosn clandestinely left Japan while out on bail and entered Lebanon on Monday.
Ghosn has been indicted in Japan on charges of financial misconduct. When he was released on bail last April, his lawyers were required to hold his passports.
The lawyers took his passports, issued by France, Brazil and Lebanon, as required under the bail conditions.
Sources say France had issued two passports to Ghosn for some reason, and that the lawyers initially held both of them.
But the sources say the situation changed in May, when the need arose for him to carry a passport.
The lawyers reportedly asked the court to change the conditions of bail, and the court allowed Ghosn to carry one of the two French passports with him in a locked case.
The sources say the lawyers continued to hold the other passports, along with the key to the case.
Meanwhile, in a statement through his press representative on Thursday, Ghosn says he arranged for his departure from Japan on his own without any help from his family.
The statement reads: “There has been speculation in the media that my wife Carole, and other members of my family played a role in my departure from Japan.” It adds: “All such speculation is inaccurate and false.”
Western media outlets have reported that Ghosn’s departure followed weeks or months of planning by associates, and his wife may have played a major role.
Ghosn arrived in Lebanon on Monday after skipping bail in Japan, he stopped in Turkey before flying on to Lebanon.
Ghosn was banned from traveling overseas as one of his bail conditions. He insists he fled to escape injustice under what he called a “rigged Japanese justice system.”
He is planning to meet reporters on 8 January and attention is focused on whether he will explain how he slipped away while out on bail, without being detected by immigration and other authorities.