Fake prophet bares all in court, exposes exorcism con

By ZBC Reporter

ALTHOUGH exorcism is traditionally known as the practice of casting out evil spirits from a person, the act has allegedly been grabbed by deceptive prophets and is now being used as a tool to get famous.

While testifying in court, a Johanne Masowe WeChishanu Apostolic sect leader who was facing rape allegations told a Harare magistrate that they pay actors whom he named ‘mabhidhiri’ to create an act during exorcism sermons and make people believe that miracles at their church are true.

This brings to question if real exorcism still exists or it is now gimmicks used by spiritual leaders to advertise their denominations and attract congregants?

ZBC News spoke to different religious people who said a lot of people fall into the trap of fake prophets, pastors and spiritual healers who hire these actors in order to get famous.

Others highlighted the need to get these so-called spiritual leaders named and shamed to prevent them from duping innocent people.

It has been the trend world over that wonder-working and miracle-performing prophets and preachers are the most sought after as evidenced by the huge following they attract in their churches compared to conventional denominations.