Fadzai Mahere sues Kukurigo over adultery ‘exposè’

By ZBC Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere has sued former Zimpapers staffer Edmund Kudzayi over the latter’s publication of an article alleging she is sexually involved with a married Harare businessman.

Kukurigo, supposedly run by Kudzayi, circulated a report that claimed Mahere’s alleged shenanigans ended in the collapse of the businessman’s marriage after his wife left their matrimonial home with their two small children.

In the report, Kukurigo narrates how Mahere and the businessman would be seen spending time together in the city and also travelling to party events together.

Mahere refutes the allegations, slapping Kukurigo with a lawsuit wherein she demands that Kudzayi retracts the falsehoods publicly within 24 hours or faces further legal action.

The public spat emanates from Kudzayi’s tweets where he threatens to share Mahere’s pictures and videos in compromising positions with married men.

“Despite the denials, senior leadership in the CCC is reportedly aware of the relationship. Kukurigo became aware of the allegations and began investigations on June 9 after Chamisa tweeted a picture from the memorial of Alex Magaisa, the legal scholar and prolific political commentator who died in the United Kingdom,” writes Kukurigo.

However, Mahere’s lawyers vehemently deny the allegations, challenging Kudzayi to avail evidence of their client’s alleged involvement with businessman and proof she caused the collapse of his marriage, which, they contend, ended some 18 months ago.

Meanwhile, Kudzayi has since insisted he will not retract his tweet and is prepared to share more damning data on Mahere.

“There will be no retraction. The story is factual, and much more is coming. Your worn and tired abuse of litigation, to gag the truth to cover your sexual improprieties – which have destroyed marriages – has gone too far and must stop; the power of truth telling will stop it!” he posted on Twitter.