Expulsion of Russian diplomats a short-sighted move – Dmitry Peskov

By Oleen Ndori
RUSSIAN Presidential Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov says the expulsion of Russian diplomats from other countries is a shortsighted move.
Commenting on the situation around the expulsion of Russian diplomats; Dmitry Peskov said the move is a shortsighted step to narrow possibilities for diplomatic communication which is needed to try to find a way out of the conflict.
Several European countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ireland said on March 29 that they were expelling Russian diplomats amid the special military operation in Ukraine.
The move saw Belgium expelling 21 Russian diplomats, the Netherlands – 17 diplomats, and Ireland – four diplomats.
Several other European Union countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, also expelled Russian diplomats from their countries.
Meanwhile, the Kremlin has lashed out at US President Joe Biden after he suggested that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes, saying the remarks are “unacceptable and unworthy”.
He added that Moscow anticipates that the United States will impose further sanctions on Russia after Biden on Monday said Washington will impose further sanctions against Russia in response to the situation in Ukraine’s Bucha town.
Russia says the situation in the Ukrainian town of Bucha is another example of Ukraine’s fake propaganda in the current special military operation.
Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said the reportage on Bucha is fake news hatched by the cynical imagination of Ukrainian propagandists sponsored by Western governments in a bid to dehumanise Russia and tarnish its image.