Exam classes optimistic as schools open

By ZBC Reporter
Boarding school students turned out to be the early birds as they travelled back to their respective learning institutions ahead of the reopening of schools for examination classes tomorrow.
It was a jovial ambience at the showgrounds in Harare as boarding school students met after a long break.
Hope to perform well in the examinations and catching up on the latest was evident on the faces of the students.
“I’m very happy to be going back to school had missed my friends,” said one student.
“I’m happy and anxious at the same time as this is the final lap so I need to work harder, glad all my friends are here and we going back school, it’s been hectic but we are happy we going back,” said another.
For the parents, it is a huge sigh of relief as they were facing challenges in assisting their children with online lessons.
“I’m happy the kids are going back because online lessons were challenging, we thank the government for opening schools these kids were becoming a problem especially the girl child and teenage pregnancies,” said one parent.
“We pray they go and pass and also catch up on were we did not manage to assist, we are very happy our kids are going back to school they will make it,” said another parent.
The send-off was emotional for some parents as their bundles of joy go back for their final lap in their academic year.
In Bulawayo school opening days at the Bulawayo City Hall Car Park are usually marked by hyper activity of excited learners but it was low key this Sunday thanks to government’s decision to open schools in phases to ensure the safety of learners in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Even after enduring a long break, learners say they are unfazed and will overcome the situation come examination time.
“We have been looking forward to this day, we will not allow this pandemic to derail us. It is time hit the ground running and prepare for looming examinations,” said one learner.
“I am excited that finally I am going back to school, we tried studying at home but the school setup is very important, it sets the right environment for learning business,” said another
“After such a long break, we really need to work extra hard so that we pass and realise our dreams,” echoed another.
Parents who saw their children off said school visits should not be entertained to ensure learning resumes under safe conditions.
“We need to collectively come with strategies of minimising chances of any outbreaks in schools. School authorities should not entertain any visits,” said one concerned parent.
Non-examination learners are set to follow suit next week as schools warm up to accelerated e-learning and an alternating attendance schedule for both students and teachers.
Government last week gave the green light for schools to reopen in a phased approach, beginning with examination classes this Monday followed by the rest of classes on the 6th of next month.