Eureka Gold Mine conducts first-ever waste blast

By ZBC Reporter

Eureka Gold Mine in Guruve conducted its first-ever waste blast last week to pave way for mining and processing operations.

A massive dewatering exercise of the open pit at Eureka Gold Mine was one of the major tasks alongside the construction of a gigantic milling and processing plant at a cost of approximately 17 million United States dollars.

In a major milestone last week, the mine conducted a waste blast on the pit to mark the commencement of actual mining operations.

In an update note sent to Zbc News, Eureka Gold Mine Managing Director Mr James Beare outlined the significance of the blast.

The first blast is significant as it represents the commencement of mining activities at Eureka after the site had sat under care and maintenance for over 20 years. Although this is just a waste blast to allow access to the gold ore it is significant to the team and represents clear progress on our path to gold production in July 2021, he said.

Eureka Gold Mine’s operations folded over a decade and half ago but investors lured by the Government’s economic reform agenda provided a lifeline to the mine whose transformation has taken less than three years.

The mine will produce over one tonne of gold annually to contribute to the 100 tonnes annual gold production target set by Government.

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