Enumeration process goes smoothly in Chipinge

By Tamuka Charakupa

Authorities in Chipinge have thanked residents for participating in the just ended national census saying it is key towards informing government programming both at local and national scales.

Chipinge residents who participated in the national census say the programme went well and demonstrated knowledge on why it is important to contribute in the process.

“We are happy to have participated in this process because it is important for government programming and policy formulation,” a resident said.

Another noted, “We were asked everything and now it is up to government to use the acquired information to find solutions to the challenges we are facing.”

“Those who do not participate in such important processes always let us down because this is a golden opportunity for government to acquire corrent information about its citizens,” added another.

Chipinge District Zimstat Officer, Mr Tendai Munhuumwe, said the process went well and currently they are finalising on counting households that might have been left uncounted.

“We are now rounding off the programme where we are following up on households we might have skipped for various reasons, but we are happy to report that we did not encounter any challenges. The citizens’ participation showed that they understood why it is important to participate in such a crucial undertaking,” he said.

The national census comes barely a year before the 2023 general elections and is key towards the constituency delimitation process as well as informing government’s programming and policy formulation.