Enough is enough: Zanu PF Youth League calls for removal of sanctions

The illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe in 2001 have achieved nothing but perpetuating the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans, hence they must be unconditionally removed, the Zanu PF Youth League has said.

The youth leagues said in a statement it joins President Emmerson Mnangagwa in embracing the regional Southern African Development Community (SADC) in calling for the removal of the sanctions on October 25th, the ADC Anti-Sanction Day, which “is a very touching gesture of fellow-feeling and burden-sharing.”

“As progressive Zimbabwean youths, we are well alive to their origins as an expression of neo-colonialism and an imperialist weapon designed to punish Zimbabwe for the fast-track land reform programme, and that the grand plan was to effect regime change through economic destabilisation and civil despondency as a pre-emptive measure to curtail the contagious effect of the land reform drive within the region and beyond,” the youth league added.

It also said it is further saddened by the sheer callousness and inhumanity with which the sanctions were foisted upon the country, to the extent that one of the so-called direct “targets” was an innocent child aged nine years in 2001.

“Today, twenty-odd years on, their deleterious effects continue to be felt across the broad spectrum of Zimbabwean society and across various economic endeavours. As young people, we continue to bear the brunt of the sanctions, as we cannot freely transact online, because we are classified as a “risky and dangerous” business destination. Our future is being destroyed.”

“While we now know the sanctions were instigated to assert a certain political point or position, what they have only achieved since their inception in 2001 is the continued suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans. For this reason, ZANU PF Youth League hereby calls, without any equivocation, for their immediate and unconditional removal, as a matter of urgency. With even more emphasis, we now call for those who called for the sanctions, their supposed beneficiaries, and all willing tools of the imperialists who today continue to celebrate the sanctions, to be held to account for their heinous, unpatriotic acts. Enough is enough! Counter-Sanctions is the New Endgame,” the youth league said.

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