Enough fertilizer for winter wheat

By Tendai Munengwa

The country has secured adequate stocks of fertilizer for the 2022-23 winter wheat crop, with FSG ready to disburse it to farmers once the Forex payment arrangements are completed.

Preparations for the 2022-23 winter wheat programme have begun in earnest, with government roping in all farmers with irrigation capacity as it targets 75 000 hectares of the cereal crop this season.

A visit to one of the biggest fertiliser company, FSG this Saturday shows that the country has enough stocks for the winter wheat.

“We have mobilized adequate stocks for both compound D and Ammonium Nitrate. As you can see the stocks readily available in bonded warehouses. The fertilizer is under collateral management arrangement and once unlock we are ready to disburse the commodity,” says FSG spokesperson, Ngoni Kandeya.

About 35 000 tonnes of basal fertilizer and another 33 000 of top dressing are required for the 75 000 hectares targeted for wheat this season.

This Friday, government reviewed the wheat producer price to ZW$193 300 up from ZW$68 000 of last marketing season.