Empowerment of rural communities’ key in ensuring food security

By Josephine Mugiyo

Empowering rural communities’ remains a key aspect in ensuring food security across the country, with villagers in Gwarisa area of Chivi District embarking on several life-changing projects.

In the semi-arid Chivi district, more often than not harvests are compromised by soaring temperatures and low rainfall.

Communities in Gwarisa village took up the heifer goat project in 2014 before diversifying into other income-generating projects.

Feddy Munjanja has made significant changes to her homestead after successfully embracing the goat project.

Munjanja, who has diversified into chicken rearing using proceeds from the goat project, believes if more rural communities are capacitated to explore incoming generating projects, they can significantly change their livelihoods.

“I built this house through proceeds from the goat project. I started with goats then embarked on poultry too,” says Feddy Munjanja, a goat project beneficiary.

Apart from the goat projects, the villagers here have also embarked on a money-lending scheme.

Following the success of the project, the local leadership in Chivi has come on board through providing Boer goats with more economic value for cross breeding.

Chivi Rural District Council chairperson Godfrey Mukungunugwa adds, “We have increased our input by giving out bigger breeds so that where people used to sell two, they can now sell one and still make the same profits.”

Government has also set out to ensure food security at village level through the borehole drilling initiative for every ward.

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