Empowerment agenda increases domestic investment

By ZBC Reporter

THE peace dividend in independent Zimbabwe has been credited for enhanced domestic investment by locals, who are also expected to drive the national economic development agenda.

In economic terms, investment is viewed as a coward, implying that where the environment is not conducive there is capital flight.

The script has been different for Davipel Trading, a wholly indigenous manufacturing giant involved in value addition of agricultural produce under several business units.

Davipel trading has been driven more by the peaceful environment in the country since the attainment of independence as well as government’s empowerment thrust.

“We are very much delighted to be one company which has expanded locally due to the good operating environment which was brought by independence which also opened new avenues that we ventured into that previously had a lot of barriers,” he said.

Mr Norupiri also took the opportunity to encourage government to continue creating better economic opportunities for Zimbabweans to sustain the momentum in the transformation of livelihoods.

“It is imperative that I commend the country’s leadership for dedicating a lot of resources to Zimbabweans and those that have benefited should not let the country down,” he said.

Domestic investment plays a vital role in the long term and sustainable development of any nation, with Zimbabwe no exception.

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