Emotional send off for VP Mohadi’s nephew

By ZBC Reporter
An emotional atmosphere engulfed the Mtetengwe village in Matabeleland South this morning as people gathered for the burial of Abel Muleya, nephew to Vice President, Kembo Mohadi.
Vice President Kembo Mohadi broke down in tears at his nephew’s burial, Abel Muleya (49) who became the 6th member in the Mohadi clan to be buried at their Mtetengwe shrine this year.
VP Mohadi said it was painful to lay to rest his 49-year old nephew who was his brother’s first-born child and called on the family to remain united.
“I have lost a son and I am heartbroken by this because he was not ill but he just collapsed and passed on. And of late as a family, we have lost a number of our family members and I ask what wrong have we done to deserve this misfortune,” he said.
Some senior women in the family had to spend much of the time consoling the Vice President. Muleya died at his home in Beitbridge on Friday afternoon and is survived by two children. Addressing over 500 mourners, Mohadi said it was sad that he was one of the surviving elders who has buried most family members after the death of his father a few years ago.