Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme transforming road network

By Kenias Chivuzhe

MORE roads are being rehabilitated in Manicaland under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme, with the Forbes Border Post road also getting a facelift.

For many years the intersection of Park Road and Forbes Border Post road was characterised by congestion, despite its strategic importance in linking the country to the Beira Corridor.

However, the situation is set to improve, thanks to the government’s Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme.

Rehabilitation of the intersection linking the border with Mutare Dry Pot is set to reduce congestion, mainly of trucks to and from Mozambique as the country seeks to grow export receipts.

“This road was now in a poor state resulting in accidents. This place is strategic as it connects the dry pot to the port of entry.2) All the poor state of the road was causing congestion. We are all happy that this road which had potholes that affected movement is now being rehabilitated.”

Civil engineer with Globeny Construction Renica Mapfunde says the rehabilitation works will be completed within three weeks.

“We started here on the 18th of November and have done a 150-millimetre base of concrete which is much stronger. The road was damaged due to workload and it was seen prudent to ensure that the lifespan lasts for a long time. The stretch is ten metres wide and we will need 21 days to cure the concrete. This road stretch has a life span of 30 years and the construction value is pegged at US$360 000.”

Manicaland Construction Engineer Patrick Muropa gave an update on the progress made so far.

“We have several projects under the ERRP 2 programme. The Park Road intersection is one such programme. The Forbes border junction pavement is now on the curing statement and works will be completed mid-December. In Mutare we have four projects underway as his excellence through the government of Zimbabwe is bringing surfaced roads at the doorsteps of the residents. These projects are also benefiting Hobhouse, Musikavanhu drive and Magamba road.”

The Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme was adopted after the country’s road network was declared a state of disaster.