EFF demands firing of Limpopo’s Health MEC for humiliating Zimbabwean patient

By Wadzanai Mhombera

SOUTH Africa’s opposition political party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called for the immediate dismissal of the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) of Health in Limpopo, Phophi Ramathuba after she verbally abused a Zimbabwean patient.

In a statement, the EFF described the attack as cruel, malicious and unjustified.

“The Afrophobic attack by Ramathuba on a bed ridden patient is cruel and malicious and has no justification. It is a slippery slope, because health rights are human rights, and to attempt to rationalise the denial of healthcare on the basis of nationality will lead to gross human rights violations which will result in pure hatred,” reads the statement.

Ramathuba was recorded humiliating and cross-examining a Zimbabwean patient who was due for surgery, accusing her of seeking medical care in South Africa.

The hateful comments, made in full view of individuals who laughed at the heartless shaming of a patient, have gone viral on social media.

The EFF rapped Ramathuba for recklessly attempting to rationalise denial of healthcare service on the basis of nationality.

Meanwhile, in a post cabinet media briefing this Tuesday, the government of Zimbabwe assured its citizens that it remains committed to ensuring Zimbabweans are given the requisite protection and accorded the necessary dignity.

This comes after government noted with concern the continued malicious reports on social media depicting Zimbabweans as the chief perpetrators of crime in South Africa, highlighting the need to consistently supply factual information in the mainstream media.

Turning to the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit, the recent Zimbabwe South Mid-Term Review urged ministers of labour and home affairs to meet by the end of October this year to make relevant interventions on labour migration.